New RA Assignments

Starting next semester RA’s in the complexes will be moved out of their RA suites on the first floor and into the suites with their residents. “What we have learned is that the connection isn’t as strong as we would like it to be,” says Irwin Nussbaum, Director of Res. Life “and the RA’s have not really been a member of the communities. What we in vision happening, which is what happened everywhere else, is the freshman arrive August September, the Ra’s are living on the floors right next door to them, part of the community.”

This is something that Nussbaum says should have happened a long time ago and cited the sucess that Res Life see with the RA’s in Hawk Hall living on the floors with the freshman residents.

“I think that the campus will see less damage, less behavioral problems and a stronger sense of community. So I’m excited about it ” Nssbaum went on to say.

However, STN sat down with several RA’s, who didn’t want to be named. They had voiced their opinions that this wasn’t going to work. Among their chief concerns is the RAs safety when they are living with the residents, and the fact that Hawk Hall and the complexes are very different building structures.