Sports Center

For the 2009 spring semester the sports center is offering classes for one credit each. Classes such as tae kwon do, step aerobics, kickboxing, and yoga are taught by students for the students. “For one thing it’s fun, for another thing you get a credit for it. You show up, you get some exercise.” junior yoga student teacher Kaitlyn Halem said. It’s beneficial for your body. A lot of kids don’t come to the gym, so why not come for a class. I find a lot of people don’t really like the machines, I get bored of them. So coming to a class is way better, you get credit for it, you have a fun time.”
Registering for the gym classes can be done along with registering for the normal classes, they are located in the back of the course book. There is a $30 to $50 lab fee depending on the class, and for more information stop by the Sports Center office. Students like Hamel strongly recommend taking the course.