Over Eating

Photo Courtesy Corequest Fitness

Eating too much doesn’t just affect how you look, but it also affects how you feel.

“I find myself most hungry towards the night doing late work,” said freshman Ari Parzivand. “I don’t know, I grab whatever is closest to me.”

Patricia McKenna-Grant, Director of the Wellness Center, said that there can be many reasons why people may tend to overeat.
“People use food when they’re stressed out or under-stressed to the extreme part of the spectrum where it can be disordered eating.”

Grant says that students will often grab food when they’re in a rush without being hungry, and not take the time to sit down and enjoy what they eat.
“I think a lot of times people don’t pay attention to when they’re hungry and also being consciously connected to your food, so mindful eating if you will and being able to sit down and enjoy your food, and not rush. A lot of times we’re rushing.”

It is important to be careful of what you eat, and if you do have an urge to overeat, Grant gave some tips on how you can control your cravings.
“Decipher what you like and what you don’t like and choosing foods that are sustainable, organic as much as you can. and healthy snack options are always important so stay away from processed food, which is often difficult for college age students, which may be why there is a tendency to over eat”
Grant also ads, “It’s okay to indulge in moderation, just so you can take that edge off.”