Campus Crime

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A robbery on campus Saturday has students on edge. The latest brings the total number reported robberies to three this semester.
“My friend was jumped on campus when he was coming back, by people he didn’t know who it was. It was in one of those public safety emails that they sent out. It left him with a black eye for like a week or two. His backpack got stolen; he had a bunch of valuables in there”. Says Elena Jarlson a junior, and that’s just one tale of a robbery that took place on campus this year. Director of public safety John Shmaltz, has some advice for students who may be feeling uncomfortable.

“You’ve got be cautious anywhere” he says “you know in my experience in law enforcement your heads always going 360. Im always looking you just can’t get out of the habit. As a student you just have got to be astute of what going on around you. Then how about those empty squad cars you see stationed around campus are they providing students with a false sense of security?

“We don’t place ghost cars out there I like seeing empty squad cars because I like my officers on foot. Or bicycle as it may be.” Shmaltz also says students should not be fearful to walk on campus, and that if a student is intoxicated they are a far easier target for robbery, remember if you ever need emergency help find one of the blue emergency poles, they call public safety directly.

An update on Saturdays robbery, public safety says they are searching for a 2002 to 2006 gold Toyota Camry that they believe may be related to Saturdays robbery if you have any information please call public safety at extension 7985.