Ornament Decorations

With finals and the holiday season quickly approaching public relation student society of america held a fundraser program in the bottom of hawk hall wednesday night. It was held to raise money for prssa to go on their annual trip to visit an agency, this year in new york city and show them ways to give out business cards and resume’s. Students were able to come by and for a dollar they could have decorated one ornamet and for five dollars they decorated unlimeted ornaments and had some slices of angelina’s pizza. Jessica ruggels, a senior, said, “that it’s just something fun to eliviate the stress from finals and a fundraiser for prssa.”
It was the last event for PRSSA this semester, but their will be a mohegan sun trip sometime in february for all student 21 and over, as well as their annual fundraiser for heffer international coming up in the spring. If you would like to join prssa you can join them on tuesday’s at 1pm in the Farmington suite in the Genras Student Union.