SGA Golden Club Cup

The Golden Club Cup, also called the Golden Clup, was started this year by the student government association in order to get clubs on campus more involved.

Matt Cooke, Public Relations Vice President, explained, “What it is, is if clubs get involved with SGA events or if they meet SGA requirements, they get a certain number of points. At the end of the year the club with the most amount of points get a 1000 dollar bonus for their 2010-2011 budget.”

SGA holds several events a month so members have many chances to get points towards their club. Each event has a different amount of points, and it also matters how many members you have.

Cooke also explained, “There are certain clubs that only have 6 members so if you have a club with 6 member but only two members show up, that will count more for you than if you have a club with 40 members and only 2 members show up.”

Another way to get points is to fill out a monthly report. SGA will see the report and put down how many members went to an event.

“If you’re an SGA sponsored club you have to hand in a monthly report. On that monthly report, if you have members go to the holiday tree lighting, put that down. just say five of our members went to the tree lighting, just to make sure that SGA finds out that you guys were there, if you had people go to the turkey trot, put it on your monthly report.”
Cooke says that by having fundraisers on campus and getting a certain amount of money is a great way of getting points towards The Golden Clup. At the end of the year whoever has the most points will win The Golden Clup.

“We want to get people involved on campus. There’s an initiative on campus called committed to community. We want SGA sponsored clubs to be committed to our community, to our university. Go out, get involved, have fun.”