Hartford Trivia Challenge

Test Your Knowledge of the University’s History, with the Hartford Trivia Challenge. The University Of Hartford is hosting the first Hartford Trivia Challenge, to celebrate the University’s Birthday on Founders Day (February 21). The competition is open to students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

STN reporter Reyna Boucaud interviewed director of marketing, Joanathan Easterbrook for more information on the Hartford Trivia Challenge. Joanathan Easterbrook explained “the Trivia Challenge is a fun way to get people thinking about the University, about it’s history, some things going on now and testing their knowledge of the place they are everyday. Whether they are faculty, staff or students.”

The trivia challenge consists of several elimination round of questions on the University’s history. First round ended on Monday the 25, entering round two are 50 contestants. The final round will be held on February 21 during the Hartford .VS. Boston women’s basketball game. The prizes include two round trip tickets valuing six hundred dollars to any destination in Florida for the first place winner. Second place winner receives a 75 dollar prepaid MasterCard and Third place winner receives a 50 dollar MasterCard.