Census Contreversy

Last week we introduced you to the 2010 us census. This week we took a look inside the survey and were surprised to find a term many people find offensive still remains in the survey. The term is Negro and we as asked Anna Mariotti of the US census bureau why term appears on the survey. “It actually says black African American or Negro”. “The census bureau conducted a number of focus groups all over the country and there are some people of older generations that are black, in the south that still prefer to be called that.” Still some students feel the term needs to go. When found out I was really offended but then I read an article about it online and it said that a lot of the older folks older African Americans identify with that term so I guess it’s ok. Says Hasiyna Gibson a junior.
Annette shack of the greater Hartford NAACP said she was unaware of the term on the census, and as we looked through different statements from NAACP officials from all over the country. We found there opinions differed depending on age and location. Yet one thing they made clear no mater how someone identified themselves they needed to be counted and they need to fill out the census.
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