Hartford For Haiti

Hartford for Haiti Hartford for Haiti

Two weeks ago STN asked students if they thought the University was doing enough for aid efforts in Haiti, and now a major Hatian relief event has made it onto the calendar.
The Center for community service will be holding “Hartford for Haiti” on Thursday February 18th at 5 pm in Lincoln Theater.
“We definitely encourage all students to attend the concert, a lot of the basic logistics of the concert have taken place already. We pulled students, faculty, the staff, people from different departments across the campus together to form a committee, to hopefully put different interests into this concert so that we’re reaching all different types of music genres”, said Matt Blocker of the Center for Community Service.
Donations and Proceeds will benefit the Oxfam Haiti Earthquake Response Fund.The concert is free.For more information you can contact Matt Blocker in the Center for Community Service at 860.768.5409 or .