Campus Summer Changes

New Community Space On Campus, Credit: UNotes New Community Space On Campus, Credit: UNotes

The University has added a second window the mailroom as well as hiring more workers. This seems to be a response to the increase in students shopping online as well as a new package notification system, creating more mailroom traffic. The general consensus among students: these improvements were much needed.
That’s not the only cosmetic change made to the University. The Freshmen Success Center bears a new banner with a new name. Now dubbed the Student Success Center, the office now offers their services to all students at the university.
A new smoke-free seating area has been added to the Harry Jack Gray Center. As a part of President Harrison’s values initiative, project overseer Jane Horvath sat down with students to find out what they wanted in order to create a greater sense of community. What students most asked for was a better way to find out about events on campus, as well as more informal meeting places. New tables and chairs as well as an outdoor information screen were put in place between the library and the bookstore just a week before the start of classes. Horvath thanks the Parents Association for granting funding for the project.
The Village Market at the Konover Campus Center went under new renovations giving it a new look and a new name. Provisions On Demand, as it’s called, now focuses on fresh produce, meats, and hot food.
Some policy changes have gone into effect with residential life. Their ‘three strikes, you’re out’ system and housing statuses have been eliminated and disciplinary action will be taken on a more case-by-case basis.
Along with all of these changes, there is still more to look out for in the future. Hartt School Dean Aaron Flagg announced at Hartt’s convocation that ten practice rooms will be renovated in the Fuller music building. If the project goes well, Hartt may consider renovating more rooms.
There have also been unconfirmed reports that Hawk’s Nest may serve beer in the future. It is rumored that the university is applying for a liquor license and ‘Howie’s Brew’ may be flowing sometime in the future.
Hartford Student Austin Vaughn gave his opinion on the matter in Alumni Plaza.
“I definitely think it’s a good idea. I think it will promote more bands to come through and want to come through. Especially maybe some bigger bands and bands that aren’t just in the local area.”

So, what do you think? Is the idea of alcohol being served on campus a good one or bad. Let us know by answering our question of the week.