Hartbeat Magazine

For the first time Hartford will be able to add magazine to its plethora of student made media. A new magazine will be hitting news stands this coming spring. Hartbeat Magazine will be free to all students and will focus on undergraduate student activities and events on and off campus. STN2 new spoke with Daniel Crittenden a founder of the magazine about his new project. “So we’re trying to create a publication that’s a literary response to community, and consequently connect the student body” said Dan when asked what his reasons for founding the magazine.
Hartbeat Magazine has received funding from ENHP, College of Arts and Sciences, and the Barney School of Business. The editors of the magazine are also working with Barney to create a ten year business plan. Editors are still looking for artists, photographers and writers to contribute to the magazine. If you are interested in becoming a part of this exciting new addition to our campus life then contact Dan Crittenden or log onto Facebook.com and search “Hartbeat Magazine”.