Elections 2010

People came out in droves to vote in the 2010 Midterms, and with so much on the line, no one was surprised by the turnout.

“I think the main thing that makes it so important is it’s kind of a referendum on this direction we’re going in,” said Joel Huntington who moderated the polls in West Hartford Town Hall.

“I think it’s out of concern; there is a dep concewrn of things getting done,” said Paulette Smith, a moderator at the Bloomfield polls.

What some have been calling the most important midterm election in a number of years brought out a voter population equal or greater than the presdiential election.

“We’re arectually ahead of the presidentiial. We’re over 30% at this point,” said Huntington.

Although the high urnout is abnormal for a midterm election, with this year’s voter frustartion, this wsa expected.

“I kind of knew it was either go”ing ot be very light, or very heavy, but i wasn’t sure which way it would go,” said Huntington.

And how did Connecticut vote? IN the Senate race, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal won with 54.5% of the vote, beating Linda McMahon. The Gubernatorial race was much different. Ballot isues in Bridgeport caused the polls to stay open until 10PM. No clear winner has been determined, but both sides have claimed victory and have transition teams.