Women for Change unveil annual calendar

The Hartford women’s advocacy group, Women for Change, held their second annual calendar uneveiling Thursday night, on the third floor of Gengras. Within each fold of the calendar, a member is displayed above their printed troubles with body image, and stories of how they are overcoming them. Group member, Andrea Wojcik had this to say, “We specifically focus[ed] on body image because [we feel] it would be more beneficial to women if they could feel whole and unpressured.”
Also at the event, Women for Change participated in the Beads for Life, a non-profit group working to employ poverty stricken, Ugandan women at a fair rate. As part of the program, Beads for Life works with the Ugandan women directly, and teaches them how to make the beads to sell. The beads are composed completely of recycled paper and glue. To help support Beads for Life visit their website at beadsforlife.org, or to get in touch with Women for Change their email is .

article by: Hayden Harrower