Where is the Defense?

Believe it or not this game was over shortly after it began. After 18 missed shots and 14 minutes the Hawks found themselves in a hole with the score being 24-4. It wasn’t until Daphne Elliot’s three pointer that the team came alive but by this point it was too late. The first half ended with the score 40-17 Friars.

The story all year has been “Where is the Defense?”. I’m starting to see similarities between the Hawks and the Los Angeles Clippers. The only difference is the Clippers have a win this season. Somebody has to step up on defense. It looks like Jen Rizzotti will have to do some major scouting for next season.

The only player who seems to be playing D is Keyoka Mars-Garrick. In that Friars game she is the only Hawk to get a block, in fact she had two, and she led the team in rebounds with 4. Yes these stats may not be “Erica Beverly status” however compared to how the rest of the team is playing its better than nothing. Overall the team only had 27 rebounds leaving me to once again ask “Where is the Defense?”