A look at Facilities

With the severe weather the University of Hartford tries to keep up campus appearance. Facilities work to ensure the campus is operating smoothly and buildings appearance is up to standards. Facilities handle jobs ranging from the smallest requests such as changing light bulbs to bigger requests such as replacing heating units.

Working in timely fashion facilities answer requests for repairs as they are reported, A work request system is used in dealing which order requests are handled. Rating the repairs in order of priority to lesser values is how facilities respond. The system the university’s uses is called Maximo a computerized system that separates requests based on when it is called in and the particular trade used to be completed.

In order to maintain our campus appearance and continually run smoothly. Hartford budgets money specifically for maintenance. Farrell estimates spending a million dollars alone in maintain the complexes. Farrell explains the university’s budget is divided between corrective maintenance clogged toilets and planed maintenance road repair. Keeping our campus running is not only facilities job but also the communities.

Facilities ask members of the community to keep the campus clean, actions such as not littering or destroying university property can keep the university running smoothly.