Keeping with the campus mission to go green, The university kicked off a yearlong eco-arts-festival with an lecture by Katharine Owens titled “Linking Creativity and Sustainability: What Influences Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors?”
Owens surveyed faculty, staff and students in order to find how art influences behavior to go green.
In order to raise people’s awareness on going green, Owens advocates for art workshops on campus in order to inform the campus community on living sustainable life styles.
The results collected from the survey show that faculty and staff are greener than students.
Owens believes these findings are attributed to students busy schedules and inaccessibility to green products, causing them to live less sustainable life styles. Small steps like turning off the water while brushing your teeth or using reusable products can lead to a greener lifestyle.
The eco-arts-festival continues with a lecture by Susan Grantham on February 15.