Uha fights back against plagiarism

Credit: flickr.com Credit: flickr.com

Article By: Haley Lyons

One of University of Hartford’s values is integrity. In the school’s search for ways to promote academic integrity in the community, a new program called SafeAssign was recently installed into blackboard.

This tool assists both students and faculty in minimizing intentional and accidental academic dishonesty. Frederick Sweitzer spoke more specifically on program.

“It takes the paper and it compares it to several online databases of various kinds of journal articles and if it sees something in the paper that matches things that are in there it tags it so its not going to tell you or your instructor if the paper is plagiarized it will just say there is material in this paper that comes from somewhere else. Then the instructor or you can check and see did I site this? And if you didn’t, then you’re going to need to do that,” says Frederick Sweitzer, Assistant Provost and Dean of Faculty Development.

The program is not intended to catch kids plagiarizing, it is there for those who want to make sure they did not accidentally copy someone else work and to create a better academic environment full of integrity.