Water at Our Doorstep

Recent rain storms and flooding significantly damaged the bridge that crosses the watershed between the Hartt School and Lincoln Theater. Students gathered at a lecture, “Water at Our Doorstep,” on March 22 to hear environmental artists discuss the present and future of the Park River.

“There’s a need to, to reexamine the design strategy around the river,” said Mary Pelletier, Director of the Park Watershed Revitalization Initiative, “especially downstream of the damn and, the damn itself. Because it’s transformed the geomorphology of the river, it’s becoming a problem because it’s actually increasing the problems of flooding rather than protecting the campus.”

Speakers mentioned how, perhaps, science combined with art can solve the problem while making the river and its surrounding environment more sustainable. Students, faculty, staff, and others interested in how they can make an impact can attend a Hillyer-sponsored spring clean-up of the area on Apr. 11 at 11:30 a.m.