NFL Week 4 Power Rankings

This week Sports Director Nick Drago, Jacob Fecura, and General Manager Obi Anugweje ranked the NFL’s top teams in this weeks power rankings


1) Packers/3-0/1/1/1/The only playoff caliber team playing at a consistent level (Anugweje)

2) Saints/2-1/2/2/5/Looking better then ever, Drew Brees will always outscore you (Drago)

3) Patriots/2-1/3/3/4/Tom Brady doesn’t throw four interceptions every week, Pats only drop a little (Anugweje)

4) Ravens/2-1/4/4/6/Jets may have a problem this week as the Ravens have dropped their last two opponents(Drago)

5) Jets/2-1/7/5/9/With matchups against the Ravens and Pats coming up its hard to imagine them staying this high in the rankings (Drago)

6) Lions/3-0/6/6/3/The Lions are the real deal! (Drago)…I’m not entirely sold on the lions this season (Anugweje)

7) Steelers/2-1/5/9/13/Is it just me or are the Steelers just a little underwhelming this season? (Anugweje)

8) Texans/2-1/8/7/7/I said it on the Redzone and I’ll say it now the Texans have an awful defense Drago)

9) Bills/3-0/9/8/2/If they can beat the Pats they can beat anyone, but having the potential to do something is different then actually doing it (Drago)

10) Chargers/2-1/15/10/12The bolts stave off a late surge by the winless Chiefs and stay in my top 10(Anugweje)

11) Cowboys/2-1/13/11/10/Even if Romo is healthy the Lions are going to drop them! (Drago)

12) Falcons/1-2/10/19/21/I know its crazy to have them so high and they looked sloppy with vs. the Bucs but they will bounce back against Seattle (Drago)

13) Eagles/1-2/11/18/18/Vick bounced back from a concussion and a broken wrist. Can anyone stop him(Drago)

14) Raiders/2-1/16/12/8/The Raiders are off to an impressive start with a solid win over the Jets (Anugweje)

15) Giants/2-1/14/15/11/I might be ranking the G-men too high, but only time will tell (Anugweje)

16) Buccaneers/2-1/12/13/17/I realize the Bucs don’t match up with Obi’s and my rankings but I actually think 16 is a better spot for them (Drago)

17) Redskins/2-1/18/14/14/And suddenly Rex Grossman’s prediction doesn’t seem so ridiculous (Anugweje)

18) Bears/1-2/17/17/19/Should be able to beat Carolina this week(Drago)

19) Titans/2-1/22/16/15/With Kenny Britt out for the season,CJ2K will have to step up offensively (Anugweje)

20) 49ers/2-1/20/20/16/So far so good but I still don’t think Alex Smith can keep it up (Drago)

21) Panthers/1-2/19/24/24/I hate to say this but I have Cam Newton fever, too bad they have no shot against Chicago this week (Drago)

22) Cardinals/1-2/21/22/23/Fitzgerald is making a case for the massive contract he signed (Anugweje)…Yeah but Kolb isn’t (Drago)

23) Browns/2-1/23/21/20/Unless the Browns beat a team with more than one win they aren’t moving very far (Anugweje)

24) Seahawks/1-2/28/23/27/Sidney Rice’s return adds yet another offensive weapon for Tavaris Jackson(Anugweje)

25) Broncos/1-2/26/25/25/Hmmm Tebow or Orton…Either way they’re going to be terrible (Drago)

26) Jaguars/1-2/27/26/22/Maybe releasing Garrard wasn’t the smartest option (Anugweje)

27) Vikings/0-3/25/29/28/Another blown lead late in the game, has to have the Vikings thinking about making adjustments on offense (Anugweje)

28) Colts/0-3/24/32/29/Could have done worse against Pitt(Drago)…And with the first pick of the 2012 NFL Draft the Indianapolis Colts select…(Anugweje)

29) Rams/0-3/29/28/32/Poor Sam Bradford needs someone to throw to (Drago)

30) Bengals/0-3/30/27/26/Another week of progress for Andy Dalton, despite throwing two picks (Anugweje)

31) Dolphins/0-3/32/30/31/They can’t win at home or on the road where should they play (Anugweje)

32) Chiefs/0-3/31/31/30/Matt Cassel needs to step up! (Drago)