NFL Week 14 Power Rankings

49ers Clinch Division 49ers Clinch Division


1)Packers/12-0/1/1/1/Can anybody stop these guys (Anugweje)

2)Ravens/9-3/2/3/2/I dont really see them losing anymore games (Drago)

3)49ers/10-2/3/2/3/San Fran basically stole that division, good luck in the postseason! (Fecura)

4)Saints/9-3/5/4/4/Brees is no doubt my MVP (Anugweje)

5)Steelers/9-3/4/5/5/Two games with Cleveland and one with the Rams, besides playing the 49ers this should be and easy wildcard grab for Pitt (Drago)…Hey you never know the Ravens could fall (Fecura)

6)Patriots/9-3/6/6/6/The Defense is holding them back, but not noticeably (Anugweje)

7)Texans/9-3/7/7/7/Is it finally their year? (Fecura)

8)Cowboys/7-5/8/10/9/Dallas has quietly taken control of the East, but two matched with Big Blue may change that (Drago)

9)Broncos/7-5/9/11/10/Everyones been getting Tebowed lately…is Chicago next? (Drago)

10)Jets/7-5/11/9/11/Sanchez is getting into his late season form, The Jets may have another miracle playoff run in them (Fecura)

11)Lions/7-5/12/8/12/What happened? (Anugweje)

12)Bengals/7-5/10/13/14/They just cant compete with Pitt and Balt…yet (Anugweje)

13)Falcons/7-5/14/16/8/Should end up 10-6 if they dont collapse (Drago)

14)Giants/6-6/13/12/16/Still think Eli is an elite quarterback? (Fecura)

15)Titans/7-5/15/14/13/Right where they were expected to be (Drago)

16)Raiders/7-5/16/15/15/Is Carson helping or hurting them? (Anugweje)

17)Bears/7-5/17/17/17/We all seem to agree on the Bears (Fecura)…Yeah I think we can agree their terrible (Anugweje)

18)Bills/5-7/19/18/20/Its a shame to think they started the season 5-2 (Drago)

19)Seahawks/5-7/18/20/19/Seattle actually has a chance as long as Lynch stays on fire (Drago)

20)Chargers/5-7/20/19/21/Where was Phillip Rivers all season? (Anugweje)

21)Cardinals/5-7/21/24/18/Maybe they should just have given Skelton all the money they gave to Kolb (Fecura)

22)Eagles/4-8/22/21/24/I bet Asomugha wishes he signed with the Jets now (Drago)

23)Panthers/4-8/23/22/25/Cam Newton=offensive ROY? I think so (Fecura)

24)Chiefs/5-7/24/23/23/Lets face it they caught the Bears on a good day (Anugweje)

25)Dolphins/4-8/27/26/22/At the beginning of the season how many of you would have believed the Fins would have a similar record to the Eagles and Browns (Drago)

26)Buccaneers/4-8/25/27/26/Another team that started 5-2 (Drago)

27)Redskins/4-8/26/25/27/Did anyone else notice the difference between Beck and Grossman? (anugweje)

28)Browns/4-8/28/28/28/DNR (Drago)

29)Jaguars/3-9/29/29/29/If you actually watched the Monday night game thinking it would be close you need to seriously reevaluate your life (Fecura)

30)Vikings/2-10/30/30/30/At least Adrian Peterson was fun to watch, now I’d rather watch him on the bench then the team try to play (Anugweje)

31)Rams/2-10/31/31/31/Poor Rams have a lot of work to do (Drago)

32)Colts/0-12/32/32/32/Luck or Peyton? The debate may never end! (Anugweje)