Is it Really Worth it?

The Cinnamon Challenge and Gallon Challenge are two relatively new games where students try to swallow a spoonful of dry cinnamon and chug a gallon of milk in under an hour respectively and in most cases, while being videotaped by their closest friends. These challenges are causing students to have throat blisters, respiratory distress, vomiting, over expansion of stomach walls, and other conditions. In extreme cases these challenges (the Cinnamon Challenge in particular) can cause death. “People just want to test how far their tolerance will get them, so they’ll go out and do dangerous stunts and try to get others to follow,” replies University of Hartford’s John Strybos when asked why student are competing in these challenges. Ben Silver, also from the University of Hartford, maintains an opposing undertone to Strybos’ remarks when he claims that “being the winner is worth any harm one causes to his or herself.” Many people agree with Silver’s view and as a result, show their failed attempts of the challenges on youtube for everyone to learn from their mistakes.