2 Wants To Know: Why speed bumps were removed from campus

2 Wants To Know 2 Wants To Know

“I just remember people screaming… and the car skidding” said Samantha Belzer as she recalls the night a speeding car hit her on campus outside east hall.

“I do not know how she could have brought the car up to that speed. It wasn’t snowing it wasn’t raining I don’t how no one saw her coming. ” Belzer says.

Belzer who suffered minor injuries still has shoulder trouble to this day, and says there needs to be better pedestrian safety on campus. Director of Public Safety John Schmaltz says speeding has always been a issue on campus and that the problem is exacerbated by the fact that campus roadways are not up to to DOT standards. 2 wanted to know why if speeding is an issue on campus that has resulted in injury, why the school in 2009 removed three sets of rubber speed bumps placed near the village and regents park apartments.

We were told that the speed bumps were not made for roadway sue and were more for shopping center parking lots, and that the bumps were harsh and jarring to drive over even when going at a minimal speed.

The school hopes to purchase more speed humps like the one in front of A&B complex. They require cars to slow down but are easy to drive over. They cost about $1,800 each.