STN2 Investigation: Regents lacking fire sprinklers

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Regents Park apartments has two types of sprinkler systems. The first and second floors have a wet system which means that there is always water in the pipes. The third floor has pressurized air in the pipes, and it’s holes and water in the pipes that have caused the third floor sprinkler system to be shut down.

“The pinhole leaks are small leaks and they have not been enough to cause the system to fail except the last time so what we decided to do is inspect every single section of piping. what we are finding is a number of areas where the piping has weakened,” says head of facilities Norman Young. Young also says that so far the university has replaced 300 feet of piping and has a contingency plan in place to keep residents safe from a fire.

“What the fire marshal said we could do is we could reprogramming the smoke detector for the third floor. So that a smoke detector would empty the entire building, unfortunately to those who live in the building its a little bit of an inconvenience.” says Young

The smoke detectors on the first and second floor still only alert the occupants and public safety to an issue. Young says he expects all of the third floor sprinkler pipes to be replaced and working within the next two weeks.

“We are trying to work as fast as we can and get everything taken care of get back to normal We are fully protected we are completely certified by the local fire marshal that the building is protected.” Young said.