Summer Changes to Campus

Facilities was hard at work this past summer, completing many projects on campus. The biggest of these projects was the renovation of A and B complex courtyards. These were not only redone because they were unappealing, but because of major flooding problems that occurred last year.

Norman Young, Associate Vice President of Facilities Planning and Management, said, “There’s water mains that run from the road to A and B complex that have had notoriously frequent leaks, cracks if you will. It usually comes in the winter time, and then you have to dig up the courtyard in order to get to the piping, and we didn’t want that to ever happen again because we put a lot of concrete in those two courtyards, so we also replaced those.

Having been freshmen once before, STN asked upperclassmen what they thought of the new renovations to the complexes.

Asiona Findletar, a sophomore, said, “Obviously they’re going to look nice because now they have grass and concrete. I remember last year when I was there, like all of A comp was flooded because the pipe, like it would burst or something.”

Christopher Couamin, also a sophomore, said, “It opens up the university, makes it look brand new. It looks fresh, you know, helps the freshmen enjoy their first year here.”

Other projects completed this summer included the Konover great room, the roofs on Konover and Hillyer Hall, and some road work as well. When STN asked Young what would be in store for this year, he said, “We’re probably going to continue on with roof-work. There’s a potential we might be doing the sports center roof next year, if you’ve seen the barrel on the roof it looks like it needs to be done over the arena. It’s not guaranteed, but that’s what we’re thinking about doing at this point.”

Young also said besides the renovation of the sports center roof, Facilities is mostly in the planning stage of deciding what projects are best for the university and their budget.