UHart Next Idea

The Innovator Group, which was started in the Spring 2013 semester, recently held a competition called the UHart Next Idea, where they would pick a student business idea and turn it into a business plan, which they would then be able to bring to potential investors.

“It wouldn’t just be an idea; it’s actually something that’s worth something now,” said Innovator Group President Eric Hillemeir.

Speaking of the submissions for the competition, Hillemeir said, “We would be able to work with those ideas in the club, we would invite them to become members and we would also offer a prize to promote more participation. So it’s just a good way to get started in the field of entrepreneurship.”

Hillemeir revealed to STN that the Innovator Group’s Next Idea will be a phone case that will be able to double as a computer mouse which would be compatible with the phone.

“You always have your phone on you, instead of using the touchpad or if the touchpad’s broken, you have a simple case that just does the same function for you,” Hillemeir said of the device.

The Group will use a software called LivePlan, which is used throughout the Entrepreneurial Department in the Barney School of Business, to create their business plan. LivePlan has several categories including creating executive summaries, reviewing target market and other areas that one will need to promote their product.

Being a start-up club, the Innovator Group is still getting awareness out. The group is not limited to students of the Barney School of Business, all University students can join.

“In the future, we want to have a lot more participation from the student body.”

Students interested in joining the Innovator Group can contact the group at IG@hartford.edu or Eric Hillemeir at hillemeir@hartford.edu.