New Website Created by SGA

The Student Government Association, along with three staff members, Craig Campbell, Barbara Dessureau, and Bonny Stoecklin, is working to create an all-new website for clubs and organizations on campus. The idea for the project formed after finding that the old website was entirely outdated.

Craig Campbell, one of the staff members who has worked on the project, said,”When we dug a little deeper, we found out that a lot of the different clubs that were on that list were obsolete. They had either come and gone or, it just wasn’t being maintained. So, we kind of said let’s take an inventory of all the different clubs and see where we are. And then that kind of just snowballed into kind of what we have now.”

The procedure for the website started with an Excel sheet that the staff members filled with as much up-to-date information they could from online. Then, they turned it over to the SGA Executive Board who is asking clubs to register their information through the new system.

Craig Campbell said, “…provide again, their, their mission statement, contact information, and that way coming into the spring, we would have the website as up-to-date as possible at least with this initial phase with SGA-affiliated clubs.”

The website will be a work-in-progress for a while, starting with the SGA-affiliated clubs and then branching out to other school and colleges within the university. The new website will include a full club listing, bio pages about each club/organization, and forms to register budgets, events, etc. Once finished, it will be a convenient one-stop-shop for anyone interested in joining a club.

The deadline for re-registering a club or organization is December 6th. If clubs are not registered before this date they will be considered inactive and will be removed from the updated list.

The link to register a club/organization is:

To create a new club or organization, follow the instructions at:

Contact with any questions.