Workshops for Future Graduates

Throughout the past weeks, a number of workshops have been held to help teach students the skills that they’ll need in life that they may not have learned in school. Previous workshop topics included learning about Health Insurance, and how to manage credit.

Two workshops were held on Tuesday, November 19.

The first Workshop dealt with social change and how to create the world you want to live in, not the one that you find for you, hosted by Hillyer adjunct Professor, Chris Doucot. Doucot discussed the many forms of concepts such as love and democracy. He went on to discuss the various freedoms that we have, such as freedom of speech, and how we use them. Doucot asked the question that if we do not exercise our freedom of speech, or our freedom to assemble, do we really have those freedoms? Are we really free?

“If we don’t use these freedoms, then are they real? Do they exist in any meaningful way beyond ink on a paper?” Doucot stated during the workshop. He went on to point out that we do not live in a society that will punish you for speaking your thoughts.

“You will not be beheaded for speaking the truth, but do you speak the truth? You will not be beheaded for seeking the truth, but do you seek the truth?”

Kaelyn Kelly-Colon, a senior who attended the workshop, found it very encouraging.

“It’s very inspiring to hear somebody tell you that you have power and that you can use it and that you should use it in a society that is always telling you that you do not have that power.” Kelly-Colon said of the workshop.

The second workshop, hosted by Career Services director, John Kniering, dealt with Career paths and graduate school planning for Sociology and Criminal Justice Majors. Kniering stated that one’s major doesn’t have to define how they will spend their entire life. To illustrate his point, Kniering showed a chart that showed what certain celebrities majored in. For example, actress Cate Blancett and musician Mick Jagger both majored in Economics, former President George W. Bush majored in History, and former Basketball player Michael Jordan majored in Geography.

Kniering suggested going on TypeFocus, a website that contains many short surveys to help people assess their interests, values and skills, to help students figure out a future career path. He also encouraged students sign up for LinkedIn, a social networking website for business connections.

Four more workshops will be held before the semester ends. Workshops taking place on Tuesday, December 3rd include:
• Resumes and Cover Letters – 12:30 – 1:00
• Job search strategies and Interview Skills – 1:15 – 1:45

Workshops taking place on Thursday, December 5th include:
• Making the transition from college back to home – 12:30 – 1:00
• Big money commitments (buying cars, homes etc.) – 1:15 – 1:45

All workshops will be held in Hillyer Room 229.