New Finance Course For Non-Business Majors

A new entreprenurial finance course is being offered at the University for non-business majors. US 220 is set for the spring semester and extends for seven weeks.

Michael D. Weiss, an adjunct faculty member with a substantial background in the financial services industry and entrepreneurship, put the course together in hopes to reach out to those who are inexperienced in this particular field.

Weiss said, “So the genesis of this course was to take Finance 484 and then make it more user-friendly, more accessible to non-business majors that don’t have room to go over to Barney and take the prerequisites to get to 484. This way they can take US 220, learn about what it means to start a business, to be responsible for a business, how to run it, how to control it how to watch out for it.”

Weiss will be introducing different tactics in teaching this course, including his textbook, _Business Happens_. This textbook is unique as it only costs around $15, but is an online text full of hyperlinks to alternate sources. Weiss has also worked with University of Hartford students to put together interactive lecture videos on YouTube and Udemy to further aid those enrolled in his class.

Check out more information on Weiss’ website: