Hartt Recitals

Each year of undergraduate students must sing in a recital.

“It’s rejuvenating, it’s exciting, it’s crazy because it all comes together. I think it’s a wonderful experience that’s why I love performing” stated Voice Performance sophomore, Jermaine Woodard Jr.

Starting earlier in this school year, different types of contemporary works are being implemented for the audience’s enjoyment.

Voice Performance major and Music Education major Sydney Anderson stated, “So this summer I chose the repertoire that I wanted to work on I had to choose three different time periods based on music history so a baroque set, a romantic set, a gospel set and things like that.”

Recitals within the Hartt School are different than any other on campus performances for many different reasons, each piece sends a special message through the performer.

Anderson stated, “The poetry is really innocent and beautiful and it’s a contrast to the deep intense poetry that’s in the first half of the recital.”

“We’re different, we’re vocalists, and we’re not stereotypical, we’re not just gonna go out and park and bark, we’re trying to draw peoples attention and show that’s it’s more than just going out there giving all you got and then leaving,” stated Woodard.

Recitals take place during the evening weeknights starting at 6:30pm during the second week of December.