A-Complex Weapons Incident

Late Friday night, a student made a call to Public Safety reporting a suspicious person hanging around near A-Complex.

Director of Public Safety, John Schmaltz, said that they “got a call that there was a person with a white face mask running around with a …they identified it as some sort of a weapon…it was unknown what it was.”

Schmaltz said that due to the nature of the call, PS asked both Hartford and West Hartford police to respond to the incident, which was brought under control very quickly.

“Within a very short period of time, they were able to identify who he was, and, given what occurred, he was arrested for breach of peace second and interfering with police, and another student who was involved – who hid the mask and – it ended up being a pipe – was also arrested for interfering with the investigation.”

With four local college communities being told to shelter in place in just the last nine months, Schmaltz said students who made the report to Public Safety did the right thing.

“If you see something, say something. They did the right thing. The students involved, for assisting and complying with the officers, they deserve a good pat on the back for what they – for taking the situation for what it was – not panicking or overreacting, officer said ‘go inside’ and they went inside.’