Commons Renovation

Commons Commons

The University has made the official announcement to campus that the University Commons will be completely renovated.

The construction is scheduled to begin on the lower level next month, with Hawk’s Nest closing after spring break.

There will be new dining options, new seating and cooking arrangements, and an entirely new look to the building altogether.

Hours will be extended at the dining hall as well, to fit more appropriately with students’ schedules.

Bridgett Stapleton, the resident district manager for ARAMARK, said, “We are gonna have a roll-out to the community where we’ll have the mood boards, and the designs, and all that good stuff. It’ll be on display for a week. We’ll move it from probably Gengras to the Commons to another popular space on campus.”

The University has released some details about the physical changes to Commons, including new and expanded seating equipment, a bigger bakery and kosher kitchen, an allergen-free zone, and a new private dining room that will be available to the community.

The new restaurant style layout of Commons will allow cooking staff to be able to prepare food in front of students, bringing the kitchen atmosphere out into the open.

While the renovation is occurring, offices on the lower level will be relocated to different areas on campus. A temporary solution to make up for the closing of Hawk’s Nest will be put in place, with extended hours at other eateries on campus as well as possible additional meal swipes.

The entire project is scheduled to be completed for the fall twenty fourteen semester.

There has also been some discussion about bringing a Subway restaurant to the Village Market on campus, but when asked about it Norman Young, the associate vice president for facilities planning and management, said in an email, “The timing of a Subway on campus is still very much unsettled. I don’t have anything of substance to report.”