Campus Case Competition

Students from the University of Hartford have been taking part in the Campus Case Competition hosted by The Hartford Financial Services Group.

During the first round of the competition, the students are placed in teams against each other and given two weeks to solve an insurance related case.

“They were provided with a case, the entire outline of what they wanted to accomplish and how they were going to go ahead and market that case, or market that insurance plan, to individuals. The students had to come up with the best marketing strategy that would provide the most financial support to The Hartford and what the return was for The Hartford, meaning the financial return,” says Sue Landolina, assistant director of employer relations and internships.

The competition provides great experience for the students and the cases implement a variety of business related skill sets.
“It can include, obviously, marketing, the use of social media… Insurance background is very helpful, technical writing…,” says Landolina.

The cases are business and insurance related, but one does not have to be in the Barney School to participate. The competition is open to all students.

“Last year’s winners, it was a group of three individuals. One member was a Barney student; the other two members were Arts and Sciences. So, when I hear from students that they’re not a business major and they don’t want to participate… There’s something for everybody,” says Landolina.

The winning team members were rewarded with $1,000, and will move on to the final competition against the other participating colleges. The other colleges include Bentley University, Boston University, Fairfield University, Quinnipiac University and the University of Connecticut.

The Hartford will supply finalists with a mentor to make sure the students are following the guidelines and to help the students work on presentation skills, assist with critical thinking, and how to present the cases to the judges, three Vice Presidents from the Hartford.

The final competition will be held at the Hartford’s headquarters on Friday, April 4th. The reward will be another $1,000.