Spring Fling 2014

The Campus Activities’ Spring Fling was April 10-12, 2014 and consisted of many events opened to students.

The three-day weekend started off with the Greek Life luau, a talent show, and Bingo Night in GSU and the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Konover. The rest of the weekend consisted of band performances and other activities in the Village.

CAT began planning for the event back in late October, set their budget plan and by December, they started to book their bands.

Generally, their budget for Spring Fling is just half of their overall budget, and the money they gain from all the off-campus visitors who go to Spring Fling goes to paying the bands, the activities, for medical aid, and some of the security.

Friday night started with student concerts held on the Konover lot, with performances by Broken Arias, featuring Mary Coresilis, Burning River Band, and West End Blend.

Then on Saturday, students participated in such activities as obstacle courses, air brush tattoos, and the Silent Disco. The Skunks opened up the concerts in the evening, followed by the main acts, Bad Rabbits and Reel Big Fish.

“This year we wanted to give students their own concert and we felt that a Friday night concert would be a great way of getting people out and see the new bands on campus,” said Angela Bethoney, the general manager of Campus Activities.

Students have varying opinions on how Spring Fling was for them. “I was a little upset though because I feel like not as people were together as they were the other years. Like last year I thought was better than this year,” said Jackie Buono, a sophomore.

Katie Lenti, a junior said, “Spring Fling is always a little bit crazy but this year I got to participate in the Rocky Horror Picture Show and it was really fun. So it was really worth all the practice we had to go through.”

Campus Activities Advisor, Felecia Bumpus, reported that after the event all members of Campus Activities Team met to discuss what all that went down, what went good or bad. They all also shared things they would like to see improved upon but she overall says that the feedback was overall good.

Bumpus mentions that students who are interested in with Spring Fling and other events hosted by Campus Activities should stop in by their office in GSU 132 and leave their contact information. She also says that doing these events are a great experience and allows her to get more feedback for future planning.