Abandoned Items

Even with the best of intentions, sometimes students forget things in their apartments during move out.

“We’ve had people leave notes and textbooks, and I can see them meaning to grab that at the last minute,” says Michael Malone, assistant vice president of ResLife.

According to Malone, many of the smaller items that get forgotten, like food or tubes of toothpaste, are actually dealt with by Facilities, not ResLife.

“Facilities comes through and cleans out the rooms. When Facilities has to start bagging things, there’s a $25 charge per bag we have to use. Facilities passes that on to us and we pass it to the student, but that’s fairly normal.”

Malone says that sometimes larger items are left behind like sofas or futons. Items like that will result in a damage charge when Facilities has to remove them.

He said that sometimes students forget things like their passports, but that if Facilities came across something like that, they would be saved. Malone also says that the amount of time you have to claim a lost item varies depending on where you lived.

He says that the complexes are cleaned daily, so items left there are usually not recoverable. While students have a little more time in the Village Apartments, Regents Park and Park River, he said it’s unlikely students can recover lost items there either.

To find a list of ResLife’s banned items or to contact ResLife, go here: https://www.hartford.edu/res_life/