Empowering Change

To commemorate the signing of the Civil Right Act of 1964, the University will be hosting a week-long event in September. As of now, this event, titled “Empowering Change, What Can I Do?” will take place from September 17-22. The University put together a committee, led by Maureen Connolly, to organize the activities for the week.

“We’re trying to involve our students, our faculty, our staff, maybe alumni and maybe people from the community who want to reflect on the Civil Rights Act and what changes we’ve seen in American,” said President Walter Harrison.

Harrison sent out an e-mail to the University’s community asking if they had any thoughts or ideas on possible events and ways to participate. So far, he’s gotten responses, suggesting things like civic based activities, having speakers from the civil right era, and even concerts.

“I sent out a letter saying to people we formed a steering committee now and we want to get your ideas. I didn’t really know what kind of response we would get,” said Harrison

This all started when Connecticut Congressman John Larson spoke with Bob Forrester, a University alumnus and regent, as well as the president of Newman’s Own Foundation, then went to Harrison last fall to ask if he wanted to do something.

The University is also sponsoring a year-long exhibit on the Civil Rights struggle at the Library of Congress which will open in June 2014.

They originally wanted to host the event in the summer but decided to wait until September for when students returned to the campus. The committee hopes to have everything planned out before the summer but are still looking for more suggestions. If you have any ideas, e-mail Walter Harrison at .