Struggles of a Kosher Student

With over 1500 Jewish students at the University of Hartford, it is vital for the university to offer kosher dining options that are appropriate and available for those students.

“From my understanding it seems a little bit limited at times the kosher section at commons is limited. It is kinda weird that the hours they are open. So it is tough to keep kosher if you are very strict. It is tough to keep kosher on campus,” said senior Scott Schechtman.

He went on to continue by saying, “A lot of people keep just keep kosher style by not mixing milk or meat, so the only problems with that could be either at the pasta bar, at GSU, or at cheeseburger at commons.”

For those students who do eat kosher, they do have various options whether it is the Kosher counter at the University Commons or the Rohr Jewish Student Chabad House.

Even if students have trouble finding kosher meal options, they can always develop other ways to stay kosher.

“When keeping kosher you need to make sure that you know where your food is coming from and if it is prepared the right way and what is in it,” said Schechtman. “If it is a dish with a lot of different componets and ingredients, you have to stay diligent.”