Tradition Keepers Handbook

Incoming freshman can often feel in the dark about things to do on campus. Therefore, starting summer of 2014, freshmen will receive “The Tradition Keepers” handbook at orientation, which will provide useful information on how to get the full Hawk experience.

“If students feel connected to the University, you know, they don’t wanna leave so my thinking is to help them connect to the university as soon as they step on the campus,” said Kenneth McClary, assistant director of student and young alumni engagement with the Student Alumni Association.

The handbook will include the ins and outs of campus, including annual events such as Midnight Breakfast, Spring Fling, and Hawktober Weekend.

There will also be advice included from upperclassmen and alumni on how to handle freshman year, and the do’s and dont’s of campus.

The handbook will not go into print until May, and students who would like to submit material can do so until May 2nd to