Undergraduate Commuters Association

The Undergraduate Commuters Association serves the university’s student body in a unique and fun way, with a rich history of giving back to its commuter students.

“Anyone can come voice their opinions. You can also come to the lounge here. There’s UCA members in here all day every day,” says Mason Paul.

UCA is looking to expand the involvement of commuters, there are even executive board positions available for those who apply.

“UCA focuses on a large unrecognized group of students at the school,” Paul says. “As commuters, we don’t get the same experience as residential students, so this organization gives commuter students more of a homey feeling.”

The Commuter’s Lounge is located on GSU’s lowest level, and thrives off of student involvement and participation from anyone willing to be involved.

“UCA has definitely been one of the best things to happen to me on this campus because as a commuter, my first semester here, all I did was go to class and go home,” Paul says.” “It wasn’t the college experience everyone was talking about or that orientation has hyped up.”

The Undergraduate Commuters Association meets every Tuesday from 12:30-1:15 in the Commuter’s Lounge. If you have any questions, email Mason Paul at