2014 Massachusetts Governor race head-to-head

As the the days to the 2014 Election Day count down, more races around the country seem to be getting close.

One of those races is the Massachusetts gubernatorial race between Democratic candidate, Attorney General Martha Coakley and Republican candidate Charlie Baker. Baker ran for governor back in 2010 and lost to current governor Deval Patrick with 42% of the vote.

Also in the running is United Independent Even Falchuk, and Independents Jeff McCormick and Scott Lively.

It’s been a back and forth race as polls in the Boston Globe show that it is a tight race between Baker and Coakley. Back in September polls showed Coakley up by 3%. The following week Baker was up by 2%. The most recent poll now shows that it is a dead tie between the two, both with 41% of the vote.

Baker currently has a 53% favorable rating and a 23% unfavorable. That is slightly better than Coakley’s 50% favorable rating, and much better than her 41% unfavorable rating.

The Globe also mentioned in its recent poll that 61% of people are still undecided of who they are voting for in the election.

Some issues that are being brought up in the election is government spending and health care.

Martha Coakley was the only one in a debate aired on WBZ-HD that was for the health care bill and believed that it would be good for the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

“People come from all over the world to get there health care here,” she said in the debate. “We do have health care that has been focused on quality care, excellent care, and what our offices show is that it’s very expensive.”