Phi Mu Alpha to support Movember cause

On November 1st, Phi Mu Alpha shaved off all their facial hair and then grows only mustaches to help raise fund for the Movember Foundation, a national organization that promotes awareness of men’s health and donates money to causes against men related diseases. They’ll donate money to foundations such as the live strong foundation or prostate research foundation.

Their work has improved the lives of men affected by prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems.

“They use a lot of their money for men’s health initiative to raise awareness, which makes it unique it’s kind of like a blanket organization that tries to do a lot of things,” said Jonathan Zonenshine, Vice President of Phi Mu Alpha.

This is Phi Mu Alpha’s 3rd time participating in this event, because they feel like the cause is good and it’s a great opportunity to come together as a brotherhood.

Last year, ΦΜΑ was contacted by the organization and told they were one of the highest grossing college teams in the country. This year, they have raised a little over $500 as a team on the Movember website.

“So everybody has a certain amount of money that’s donated to them that goes to the team that goes to the organization,” said Nick Roselli, the Philanthropy Committee Head when explaining how the fundraiser works.

Roselli also stated it’s like a friendly competition between all of them and they all want to try to earn more than the others, but the biggest event they do is a party towards the end of the month which is where they gain the most as a team.

To donate go to and search for Phi Mu Alpha’s team PhiMustacheAlpha.