ThinkFast comes to Hartford

ThinkFast ThinkFast

The Student Centers Administration, SCA, has brought ThinkFast, a pop culture trivia event to campus. ThinkFast is an interactive trivia game run by “T-John-E Booking and Production”. ThinkFast tours from coast to coast year round and offers different themes for each game. The programs held at University of Hartford utilize the standard pop culture theme. These questions may relate to any entertainment news, television, music, celebrities, sports, or film.

In addition to trivia questions, there are also short contests which give teams the opportunity to rack up some points. Some of these contests include singing and dancing competitions.

A member of SCA’s marketing staff, Medina Colaku, says that they brought the program to the University “…to have something to bring everyone together. Something that everyone, whether you’re in a club, or a sports team, or you’re just a student here.”

SCA planned for ThinkFast to make three trips to the University of Hartford this year, two of which have already passed. The first two events took place on Wednesday, March 11th and Tuesday, March 31st. The third and final ThinkFast event for the semester will take place on Tuesday, April 28th at 9pm. The location for this round is currently undetermined, but will either be in Hawks Nest, or Konover.

Each ThinkFast program here includes free admission, free food, and a chance to win a very big cash prize. The winner of the first round won a $200 prize, and the team of two who won the second round on March 31st took home $300 cash. The final round of trivia on April 28th will have one lucky team or individual leaving with $500 more than what they came in with.

SCA encourages all students to come to the last ThinkFast event to enjoy some free food, hangout, and maybe even win some cash.