Innovator Group holds campus car show

Innovator Group's first annual car show in B Lot Innovator Group's first annual car show in B Lot

The Innovator Group held the University of Hartford’s first annual car show on campus on Saturday, April 25, inviting students and the campus community to showcase their vehicles to those in attendance.

The event itself took a semester to plan and was mainly put together by the Student Government Association, Student Centers Administration, Public Safety, and, most importantly, the students.

The car show took place in B Lot and featured many different cars such as Mustangs and even a Lamborghini. The event was free to attend, making it more community friendly.

Not only do the students in the Innovator Group have a say in what events go on on campus, but the student body as a whole. The Innovator Group pushes to involve the Hartford community as well with the events they put on. The car show itself is one of these events open to the student body and community.

The Innovator Group also gets the schools at the University of Hartford to work together on projects. They developed a project together called “Motion Glow,” set around lighting systems, which took first place this year. It included students from CETA, the Hartford Art School, and the Barney School of Business.

With this event being a success the Innovator is in the process of planning more events to come. For more information on the Innovator Group, you can email them at .