2015 NFL Week One Review

NFL Week One Review

The NFL season has started!!!! Week one has past and we learned some things.

1. Tom Brady has a massive chip on his shoulder… If you didn’t already know, Tom Brady’s 4 game suspension for his role in “Deflategate” has been nullified. A federal judge ruled that the NFL’s investigation was flawed and all of you people who wore “Free Brady” shirts got your wish. Tom looked great in the first game against the Steelers. With Tom and the rest of the Patriots having a massive chip of their shoulders you have to beware of the Patriots. If Gronk stays healthy like he did last year, the Patriot offense will remain one of the best in the league. They definitely had some flaws in the secondary after loosing all 4 of their starting cornerbacks and it showed when Malcolm Butler, now their number one cornerback had to cover arguably the best wide receiver in the game Antonio Brown. ESPN still ranks them as the number one team in their power rankings but expect a drop after if the Packers win against the Seahawks next week and the depleted secondary may cost the Patriots some games.
2. The Seahawks ran the ball!!! And, oh wait, they didn’t convert??? That’s right, they got stopped. The 2 time NFC defending champs who controversially threw the ball on the goal line in last years Super Bowl which got picked off and cost them the game, ran the ball this time. I guess it is a different circumstance but it still cost them the game. You can make an argument that three of their offensive linemen were playing new positions and two of them were rookies as well as pro bowl safety Kam Chancellor was not playing but a loss is a loss. With Seattle facing a tough game against Green Bay, who wants revenge after blowing the NFC championship game in the final minuets last year, don’t be surprised if Seattle is 0-2 after next Sunday.
3. All of Chip Kelley’s controversial moves this offseason has not paid off as of right now. The Eagle’s offense did nothing the first half and last years leading rusher DeMarco Murray did not play well for them last game. Maybe the Falcon defense is amazing but I doubt it since they were the worst in the league last year. If there was anything that went well for the Eagles was Kiko Alonzo’s interception in the endzone. YouTube it if you missed it. Does it remind you of Odell Beckham by any chance?
4. Peyton Manning is washed up. Mentally, he’s Peyton Manning who’s always ready to play but physically, he’s not even close to who he was a few years ago. Two seasons ago he led the Broncos to the Superbowl with the greatest offense in NFL history but that seems like forever ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chiefs or Chargers won the division this year and wouldn’t be shocked if the Broncos missed the playoffs. They do have a great defense and running game so maybe if Peyton just has a bad game and is great this year they could go to the big game but I doubt it. I believe this is his last season so enjoy watching whatever is left of him when you have the chance.
5. The Bill’s defense is legit! With the addition of Rex Ryan the Bills have one of, if not the best defense in the NFL. For the first time since Sanchez… or maybe ever, Rex has a decent quarterback with a lot of potential on offense. The Bill’s should be a playoff contender this year and possibly can contend with the Patriots for the division. As for the Colts, expect their offense to explode next week against the Jets. (I hope not since I’m a Jets fan). The Colts got embarrassed. I don’t think they have ever been embarrassed like that since Andrew Luck arrived. I do believe they will rebound and be a Superbowl contender this year.

6. Mariota> Winston. Enough said.
7. Dez Bryant is out 4-12 weeks. That’s a major blow to the Cowboys but I wouldn’t be to concerned if your a Cowboys fan since all the other teams in their division lost and don’t appear to be as good as them. Well maybe Chip Kelly’s offense plays well and can compete with them but I don’t think so.

That’s all of the major things we learned. Some teams shined and some didn’t. Before the season started I predicted the Packers and Colts would play in the Superbowl and I stick with it. Even though the Bills shut down the Colts offense, Andrew Luck will elevate his game from this point on and don’t be surprised if he wins MVP this year. As far the Packers go, loosing Jordy Nelson was a big blow for them but Aaron Rodgers always seems to find a way to win (unless your backup wide receiver can’t catch a simple onside kick). We are still in week two of the regular season. A lot of things can happen. There will be injury’s and big upsets. It should be a very exciting NFL season this year (unless your a Buccs fan).

Jake Nemeth
STN2 Sports