An Increase in International Students Enrolled in the University of Hartford

The Bates House works with all undergraduate students whom live in and out of the United States who are interested or currently enrolled in The University of Hartford.

The University of Hartford had an increase in international students enrolled this year from 200 to now 600 students from the Middle East, South Korea, India, and much more.

The Red Key Society helps international students become adjusted to their new environment. According to Skinner, “They are tour guides but do a lot more than that they help with all campus events when we have activities that requires student panels, speaking and they tell their story.They do a lot of work on the phone calling overseas, emailing, and posting to whatever social media platform important in their country.”

Some members of The Red Key Society are international students themselves whom share their perspective on the campus with international students with similar customs and language. This helps new international students gain better perspective on the
campus and to adjust to their potential new living and learning environment.

International students whom struggles in English language will receive extensive work to improve through the English Language Institute.