The University Announces the Student Success Collaborative

The University of Hartford has announced that it has joined the Student Success Collaborative of the Education Advisory Board, a comprehensive tool that allows support staff such as counselors and advisers the opportunity to access critical data in new ways and connect with students on a broader scale.

The Collaborative uses and processes “big data” accumulated over the last ten years to make statistics that can help support staff understand what is necessary for student success and how an individual student measures up to these factors.

Chuck Colarulli, Senior Associate Provost of the University, explains that “If [for instance] a [biology] student got a C+ in Biology 122 and a B- in Chemistry 110, [the Collaborative], based on ten years of data of success and failure of those courses can say with a B- and a C+ success [as a biology major] is this likely.”

The Collaborative can also help students and support staff find alternate solutions in case of failure, including alternative career options and a student’s compatibility with the new career.

Last week the University demonstrated the technology for support staff in two demonstrations, where faculty could ask any questions they might have and begin to learn how to use it.

Implementation of the technology will be completed in two stages over the next nine months. We will have more information on the Student Success Collaborative as it becomes available.