Club Olympics

This is SGA’s second annual Club Olympics, clubs will participate in various activities so they can potentially improve their budget.

Any club that submitted an RSVP can participate in the games in the Intramural gym in the sports center. Clubs participating include the multi-multicultural clubs, Ultimate Frisbee, the sports teams, club football, Men’s rugby, Woman’s rugby and much more.

First place is two hundred dollars, second place is one hundred dollars, and third place is seventy-five dollars. The clubs will have to go through intense physical activities if they want to win the grand prizes.

The activities that the clubs are partaking in are Find the Ball, where three balls are put out on the field, then the clubs are blindfolded trying to find all the balls. The second one is Caterpillar Hoola-Hoop, where clubs line up in a group of eight and a human hoola-hoop is put through it and they walk through it.There is also Tug-A-War, which is a huge hit for the clubs.