Hartford Art School Lecture Series

Lectures are being held in the Wilde Auditorium, the lectures are part of the Hartford Art School’s efforts to allow students on campus and the public to be able to learn more about the Art Industry.

While the lectures are open to anybody, attendance was required for students in the Art school. The required attendance is so that the students are exposed to the many forms of arts. It is the art school’s hope that these lectures can help students learn more about their desired major or expose them to new interests in art.

The guest speakers are chosen by the staff within the Art school’s departments, the speakers then come to the university for one to two days where they deliver a lecture and critique student work. The artist are paid a small stipend for coming to speak.

There are two lectures for every semester, the next lecture is planned to be on April 28th and will be on photography.

To learn more on the series please contact Karen DeGrace, executive assistant to the dean of the Hartford Art School, at 860.768.4392, or .