CETA Students build Wind Tunnel

Wind Tunnel Wind Tunnel

Down in the Basement of Dana Hall, eight C.E.T.A students have been working hard on a wind tunnel. The research that students gain from the Wind tunnel, will benefit the Aerospace industry. The group of students are all Mechanical Engineers, as the project is targeted for students within that discipline.

The leader of the group is sophomore Mark Markiewicz, who worked on the project since his freshman year. He actually heard of the project when he attended orientation here at Uhart. At orientation he spoke with professor Milanovic who got him interested in the project. When Mark enrolled at the university as a freshman he asked to be put on the team and he was allowed.

Students volunteered to work on the wind tunnel, some students who have been on the project since the beginning got paid. Even though students were not guaranteed to be paid, the opportunity to work on the tunnel would be an amazing addition for their resumes.