Eoin King Receives Award

The University of Hartford has recently awarded Eoin King with the Belle K. Ribicoff Junior Faculty Prize. Eoin King received the prize for outstanding excellence in teaching, scholarly and creative activity in the classes he teaches.

Eoin King teaches a number of classes in mechanical and acoustical engineering here at the University of Hartford. He also teaches classes in architecture as well.

The prize was awarded to Eoin King through a publishing clearing house style. Other members of faculty walked in and surprised Eoin King with balloons. “It was definitely a wonderful surprise, I was teaching a lesson in acoustics and they just walked in.”

The faculty prize isn’t all balloons, it actually consists of a cash prize of a whopping $10,000 dollars. The money is awarded generously to outstanding faculty members to help them continue their perspective research.

Eoin King has some big plans to put the money to good use. “I’m currently doing research in noise mapping in say the city of Hartford, so I want to use the money to help develop an app that will be created for all noise mapping.”

The award is of course given to faculty who have excellence in teaching. Eoin King shared some of his teaching strategies, “My professor always said start with the basics, but once you learn the basics you have to engage students with the real world.”

Eoin King is never really at work when he’s an assistant professor, “This isn’t even like a job to me it’s my hobby, so I’m thankful I get to do my hobby nine to five, Monday through Friday.”

If you would like to contact Eoin King and ask him a question, email him at eoking@hartford.edu.