Moe’s Comes To Campus

Dining services held an online sample surveying students on what they would like to see leave campus and what they prefer in replacement. The results showed that the a majority of students did not favorite Extreme Pita causing the market for it to be lacking.

The survey then showed that students would like to replace it with more Mexican-style food, therefore, Moe’s became the brand of choice. It was decision after realizing that there was still enough in the budget after recent renovations that they were able to buy the franchise and bring it to campus.

“Moe’s brings all of those things. They have uh a great platform when it comes to the way that we prepare their food. Their systems and their processes that they have in place to prepare the food fresh, daily, in small batches throughout the day that um truly meets the expectations of our guests and having that prepared in front of them which Mose’s also offers and allowing them all the nutritional availability they will have to any of thier menu items or anything,” Director of Operations Michael Pieksza mentions why Moe’s was the successor out of all other food choices.

Michael also mentioned how Moe’s has a good presence in the Connecticut market having over 600 franchises across the country. Other Mexican brands may have been in consideration, but with the backlash Chipotle has received and Moe’s more nutritious food options, Moe’s became the menu of choice.